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Congo Mission Network - Presbyterian Church (USA)

About the Congo Mission Network:

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The Congo Mission Network is a grass-roots organization involving congregations, presbyteries, and other entities of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A). Our common interest is partnership with Presbyterians in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our task is to enhance communications and coordination between those engaged in partnerships. Our goal is to strengthen the Church through mutual partnership with the Congolese people.

PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMS: Learn how our members are engaged in partnership with Congolese Presbyterians. Programs address evangelism, education, health care, economic development, and other areas of ministry deemed vital by our partner churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

ABOUT INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS (PCUSA Protocols for Partnership): The unity of Christ's church is at the heart of the Presbyterian understanding of mission. Presbyterians do mission in partnership with the churches that Christ founded in each country. Primary responsibility for God's mission in each country belongs to the partner church with whom the PC(USA) works. The PC(USA) is engaged with partner churches in 134 countries.

OUR MEMBERSHIP (Register here!): Most Congo Mission Network members represent Congo mission partnerships established through their synods, presbyteries, or congregations. Representatives of other PC (USA) entities, or individuals (such as mission personnel), and representatives of non-PC(USA) groups and organizations are invited to participate in an advisory capacity.

GUIDELINES FOR MISSION NETWORKS (PCUSA Guidelines): The Congo Mission Network uses the Guidelines for Mission Networks adopted by the PC(USA) General Assembly Council in January, 2003.


To be effective, we seek to learn:

  • About “mission,” true “partnership,” including mutuality and faithfulness in our relationships.
  • About the Congo and PC(USA) general mission policies and ministries/ projects related to DRC.
  • The discipline of "listening" as validation and affirmation of "the other" as God’s beloved child.
  • Effective ways to tell the story of Congo and elicit appropriate responses in our churches and presbyteries.

We communicate with each other:

  • Encouraging collaboration between people with common interests, experiences and expertise and our Congolese partners on projects, programs, and activities that are of priority to our partners and the involved CMN members.
  • Linking individuals with specific interests, experiences and expertise to related groups (congregations, presbyteries, related organizations) engaged in active partnerships.
  • Sharing experiences and reflections on the impact of our Congolese partnerships in encouraging, and strengthening the ministries, faith and discipleship of our own churches and presbyteries.
  • Sharing information and requests from those presently engaged in a DRC partnership, planning to travel to DRC, interested in hosting Congolese traveling to the USA, and those seeking to learn more about DRC.

We also communicate with PC(USA) people and Congolese partners:

  • Supporting PC(USA) Global Mission policymakers, mission co-workers and volunteers engaged in ministries related to our DRC partners.
  • Offering insight and guidance to PC(USA) leaders about present and future DRC mission directions, acknowledging their authority to determine its relevance, utility and appropriateness.
  • Utilizing PC(USA) staff, mission co-workers and volunteers, and Congolese partners as resources in areas corresponding to their responsibilities, experience and expertise.

We ask our members to take action:

  • As individuals, by advocating for the DRC within our denomination, the US government, the UN, and in other appropriate forums.
  • By praying for the Congo, its people, and their many needs; for the PC(USA), our country, and its many needs.
  • By asking God to use us and our DRC partners to express God’s love, grace and compassion to all of God’s creation.

Based on the draft Mission Statement, accepted 2/28/07 by the CMN Steering Team for submission to the Congo Mission Network at their October 2007 annual meeting.