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Congo Mission Network - Presbyterian Church (USA)

Congo Mission Network Resources - Videos and Websites

I. Congo Partners at Work:

Congo Mission Network Website:

II. Programs Run by Congo’s Presbyterian Churches (videos):

Computer & English Program for High School Girls in Kananga”: This engaging video highlights a wonderful after-school Computer and English Program made possible by a Grant from the Presbyterian Women (USA). The program is educating 40 girls per year to compete for highly sought-after jobs with NGOs and international businesses. (16 min) Produced by: Satori Seven Productions.

Empowering Congo’s Children Through Education”: This inspiring story about the extreme needs and the work of 900+ Presbyterian Primary and Secondary Schools reveals how teachers continue to teach and children to learn in challenging conditions. It explains how the Congo Education Excellence Project partner churches are helping transform the Congo’s schools to provide quality education. (10 min.) Secure this free DVD by emailing

New Girl's School in Kananga”: This informative French-language video was developed to promote the education of young girls at Dipa Dia Nzamba (Gift of God), a primary school built as a cooperative venture between Myers Park Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, N.C., and the Presbyterian Church of the Congo. This school has several unique features: bilingual instruction in English and French, a library, a computer lab and an all-women faculty. Produced by: Satori Seven Productions, (5 min.)

School for All Ages in the Congo”: From thatch-walls to brick buildings; from primary school to nursing school, this video illustrates how, with help of PC(USA), church members, Rotary Clubs and Presbyterian Women, the CPC is implementing its 5-Priority Education Excellence Plan to: improve school infrastructure, provide transportation for school supervisors, train teachers, provide teacher textbooks, and increase school enrollment and retention of girls. Produced by: Satori Seven Productions, (16 min)

Women Stand Against Gender-Based Violence and Disinheritance” This video presents a program run by Congolese Presbyterian women promoting women's rights in West Kasai...and hopefully soon in East Kasai. The speaker is CPC’s Coordinator for Women in West Kasai, Pastor Christine Ngalula, a strong advocate for gender equity and women’s inheritance of family property. Democratic Republic of Congo — Presbyterians at work around the world — Mission and Ministry — Presbyterian Mission Agency Go to “Gender Based Violence”. Christi Boyd videographer.

III. A Congolese Woman’s Suffering, Forgiveness and Joy (video):

Pushing the Elephant”: a powerful, award winning story of a Congolese family, brutalized by war, but led by mother Rose Mopendo’s strong faith to forgiveness and reconciliation. (90 min.)

IV. Conditions in the Congo (videos):

Conflict mineral trade: Marcus Bleasdale at TEDxCourtauldInstitute”
This video explains some of the causes of the serious conflicts in Eastern Congo that have killed over 5 million people. Marcus Bleasdale, photo-journalist, talks about the Dodd-Frank bill’s requirement for corporations to reveal the sources of their minerals from the Congo, and the consumer’s ability to push companies to acquire their minerals from transparent companies. Viewers are directed to the Raise Hope for Congo website for info on technology companies and their practices. (11 min.)

Crisis in the Congo: Uncovering The Truth” this video, produced by Friends of the Congo, explores the role of the United States, Rwanda, Uganda and others had in triggering the greatest humanitarian crisis in the 21st century. (26 min.)

War on Women” Sobering IRIN film in Eastern Congo about violence toward women. These survivor accounts are powerful. (15 min.)

V. Advocacy (Article and Websites):

PCUSA’s Office of Public Witness: .

PCUSA’s Article “No Child Soldiers” :