New Medical School at the Protestant University in Kinshasa Orphan Ministries of the CPC and CPK in Congo Educational Ministries in Congo Presbyterian women’s sewing ministry in Kananga
Congo Mission Network - Presbyterian Church (USA)

Congo Mission Network Steering Committee for 2019

Convener 2019 Colleen Shannon, First Pres. Knoxville, TN and
Charlotte R.White, First Pres. Hilton Head, SC
Past Convener for 2018 Liz Kenas (VA)
Convener for 2020 Pending
2019 Host
First Presbyterian Church, Knoxville (October 17-19, 2019)
Belinda Dickinson(AL)
Treasurer Bill Rule (MD)
2019 Conference

 - Program Anne Crane (MA), Colleen Shannon (TN), Cathy Coons (NC)
 - Registration Liz Kenas (VA)
 - Congo Visitors Organizers
Jeff Boyd (DRC), Laurie Loveless (MD), Millie Cox (NC), Bill Rule(WV), Phillip Nkongola (IN), Etienne Bote Tshiek (VA), and Charlotte White (SC)
 - Host Committees
 First Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, TN
      - Coordinator  Colleen Shannon
      - Worship  Rev. Meredith Loftis and Mark Pace
      - Food/Hospitality
 The Effie Rule Circle (Presbyterian Women)
      - Publicity
 Kelly Norell
      - Host Budget
 Sherri Allison
      - Technical/Sexton
 Victor Lenoir
Standing Working groups  
 - Advocay Roberta Spalding (CA)
 - Education Jan Sullivan and Anne Crane (MA)
 - Health/Development Bill Rule (WV)
 - Women & Children Cathy Coons (NC)
 - Liason to CPC & CPK
Jeff Boyd (DRC), Etienne Bote Tshiek (VA), Phillip Nkongola (IN)
 - PC(USA) Advistor
Jeff Boyd (DRC)
 - Google Group and
Steve Vail (TN), Jonathan Cameron (CA)
 - Website Jonathan Cameron (CA)
Nominating Committee